Lanco Toys is a family business from Barcelona dedicated to the design and manufacture of 100% natural rubber toys since 1952. All our toys are made of 100% pure natural rubber from the Hevea tree having three differentiated Collections: Baby Care articles, Pets toys and Rubber Ducks.


Quality is our main driver and it's present all along our production process resulting in a unique product free of PVC, BPA, Nitrosamines and Phthalates and being hand-painted with food grade dyes.


Our designs lead the market and have been a inspiration for many

other manufacturers having been globally recognised and awarded

several times during our trajectory. Another differentiation aspect

of our toys is that all the production process is strictly made

by hand, from the moulds to the decoration, therefore each

product is unique and original fruit of an artisanal work.


Last but not least, our production system and raw materials

respond to a ecologic and environmentally friendly mindset,

resulting in an ecologic product completely natural and biodegradable.


Our production system and production materials respond to an ecologic and environmentally friendly mindset, resulting in an organic product completely natural and biodegradable. Exclusively made out of Hevea Brasilensis' sap, our toys are free of any toxic components and hence completely safe to chew and mouth.

Our products are made of Hevea Brasilensis tree's sap which results in Malaysian Latex of outstanding quality. Latex is a completely natural and safe material which provides our toys with flexibility, a very soft texture and long durability.


100% Natural latex


Our toys are 100% Free of Nitrosamines, Phthalates, BBP, DBP and DEHP.  Food-graded dyes are used to decorate, free of Cadmium, Aluminium, Cobalt, Barium, Lead, Mercury and Selenium. Hence, our toys are completely safe to chew and mouth.


Lanco Toys covers the entire production chain of latex toys since 1952 having developed a unique know-how in the market. 

Our toys production is strictly made by hand by our experienced artisans: moulds development, toy shaping, refining and decorating are carried out manually.

Each and every single toy is a unique and unrepeatable article, fruit of a purely artisanal work.

Lanco Toys production starts in Fez, Morocco and is finished in our headquarters in Barcelona where toys are assembled, decorated and quality tested.

83% of our employees have been working with us for more than 20 years.